Keyword research: SEO and SEM Complete guide

Keywords in SEM and SEO makes content discovery better by targeting keywords that the prospective customers would use. Currently, there are endless tools for keyword research which guarante a holistic approach and solution to the problem. We will go through some of the best tools and strategies to get going and grow persistently.

Until Google bot relies on text content for screening, grasping and indexing content on the webpages, the major source of content on the internet will be text primarily.
Following is the list of tools and sources which can help you master your keyword research:

1.SEM Rush: One of the most sort after tools in term of competitive analysis, SEM rush gives a complete guide to the keywords your competitors are bidding on and the backlinks that your competitors are banking on. I have done the research on SEM for my own business and I must say the results are pretty accurate. Apart from the keywords, this tool can also help you to know the optimum amount of bid and it’s trends for every keyword. If your business is in India, SEM Rush specifically is very useful as its competitor tools like Spyfu are effective for businesses in US and thus do not give accurate data for Indian businesses.

Once you have identified the keywords that your competitors are bidding on, you can then access the keywords that you can start working on organically (SEO) and inorganically (SEM). Typically, if you are just starting out, you should focus on keywords that are high on average monthly search and low on competition. These are typically your keywords on which the bids are less and the traffic is high and so are what you call, low hanging fruits.
While the tool is not for free, but you can get some keywords for free just to get a glimpse of how advance the tool is.

2. Google Adwords Keyword Planner: Yes, it is google again and glad it is for free. Today SEO and SEM are primarily used for Google search engine, who else can give you more precise data on keywords than Google itself. You can access this tool if you have an AdWords account or you can make one for free. Similar to Google Trends, Adwords Keyword Planner gives a detailed view of the keywords that are synonymous to the keyword you enter. This way you also get a detailed view of the Avg. Monthly Search and the Level of Competition on the keywords according to other targeting options you have chosen (eg: location, language etc). This tool is great for both expert and amateur users but the only con is that the keywords that are suggested in the keyword Planner are actually available to everyone, thus your chances of getting a cheap and a high traffic keyword is extremely low.

3. Twitter chats: Wooing your customers is similar to wooing a girl, you got to talk her language. To get a deeper insight of the customer behavior and language, you must observe the tweets of your targeted audience. This will give you a better understanding of the kind of keywords to target. Here you have the option to either skim through the previous tweets or talk to your prospective customers in real time. While you strike a conversation with your date, make sure that you pay attention to the words being used which could act as building blocks for your keyword research. Here it is very pertinent to observe the hashtags being used which could also give you some crucial keywords to target.

4. Reddit: In my opinion Reddit is one of the most underutilized platform for market and keyword research. This platform gives people an opportunity to discuss thing and guess what, here is where your prospective customers also hang out. You can go through any sub-reddit related to your business which will give you a better insight of your prospective customers and their plights. Observe conversations happen or talk to people and incorporate the same in your keyword research strategy.

5. Quora: One of the most sort after discussion forums, Quora (similar to Reddit) is a platform where one can ask questions and will be replied by other people using quora. Here if you actively participate in discussions related to your business industry soon you will become an Influencer and that is when you can “Influence” people and natively market your product to your prospective clients. This marketing strategy has been used by almost every big and established business and has proved to be successful every single time if executed properly.
Participating in the discussions, you can get hold of some interesting keywords which should give your Keyword research a nice kickstart.

5. Similar websites: The one and the most important rule of running a business is to remain watchful of your competitors. Similarly, the competitor’s websites can give you a good insight of the keywords that they are bidding on and thus you can leverage the benefits of their keyword research and do some basic research to filter out the keywords which should be targeted.

The above tools and strategies will give you a complete sense of what all keywords you should be investing your efforts and money in. Apart from these, I highly recommend the following keyword research tools to take your keyword to the advance level:
1. Moz Keyword Explorer
2. Word Tracker

3. Term Explorer

The keyword research is done to make sure that the keywords we target correspond to what our customers will type into search engines while looking for a service or product that we provide. Thus here becomes essential to include long tail keywords as long tail keywords (a phrase consisting of 2 or more keywords) have a decent search volume and can often times have very low competition and bids. This is where you can save a ton of efforts and money.
When doing keyword research for SEM it’s always advisable to group similar keywords in one adgroup. Grouping can be done on the basis of the product, bidding, location etc. This will you more control on your SEM account and will make sure that you don’t overbid on less important keywords and don’t underbid on important keywords for your business.

Whenever starting out with keyword research put yourself into the shoes of your customer by interacting with them and knowing them better and then only device the keyword strategy for your business. There are a ton of tools there in the market and it’s not a matter of how many tools you use but a matter of how do you use these tools which will determine the fate of your SEM and SEO.

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