About us

DMA is an initiative for Digital marketing enthusiasts who want to learn more about digital marketing. We write research blogs on topic relevant to digital marketing which have not been focused upon or curate articles which are already present on the world wide web. We have presence on all the major social media platforms where we try and engage DMA members to discussions relevant topics.

We want to become a one stop platform for all the digital marketing knowledge that one would need to pursue a successful digital marketing strategy. We also try and make articles as comprehensive as possible and avoid technical jargons to make it understandable to a layman.

The other segment of DMA focuses on Analyzing strategies that are already there in place by Big Brands. This segment contains analysis of marketing strategies which performed well and the reasons behind it or could be reasons why a particular strategy failed. This would help people think from the backend of those marketing strategies and figure out why these were implemented. This would also be accompanied by healthy discussions on the strategy.

Facing problems in designing Digital Marketing strategies? No problems! Now one can also DMA to discuss strategies or to get crowd sourced ideas which could be very useful.

Since there is no commercial model behind DMA, we want people to learn from this platform and thus we ask for no fees but yes donations are accepted 😉

If you think you are also one of those who want to contribute by writing articles, you could also become a part of our Blogger’s Team and reach to thousands to people at once. Simply write to us at [email protected]